MERINO KIDS - Duvet Weight Go Go Bag . Dark Slate

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Award Winning Sleeping Bag from Merino Kids

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The Merino Kids™ Go Go Bag™ is a 100% natural sleep bag designed for your baby and toddler’s safety & comfort. We use only the finest natural merino wool and 100% certified organic cotton.

Merino wool fibres help regulate your child’s temperature while he/she sleeps thanks to their unparalleled ability to breathe and release moisture. No extra covers are required because our Go Go Bag™ will keep your baby warm in the cold and cool in the heat. The Go Go Bag™ is available in two sizes: Baby (0-2yrs) and Toddler (2-4yrs).

The Standard Weight Go Go Bag™ is suitable for room temperatures between 18 and 27°C. The Duvet Weight Go Go Bag™ provides more warmth on cooler nights and is suitable for room temperatures between 14 and 20°C and our NEW Winter Weight Go Go Bag™ is the WARMEST baby sleep bag on the market and designed for room temperatures down to 12°C!